Our softgel capsules are made from our own Chia seed production. Through a cold press process, we first obtain oil, which is later encapsulated using cutting-edge technology. Thus, we obtain a product that retains all the nutraceutical properties of the Chia, concentrated all in a capsule, without using additives, becoming a 100% natural dietary supplement.


• 1000 mg. softgel capsule
• 500 mg. softgel capsule


• Chia Oil


We have to remark that the Chia oil is the vegetable oil with the highest content of Omega 3 among all the other types of vegetable oil. All the benefits of the Chia oil are concentrated in our softgel capsules, but with the main advantage of making easier the intake and also the nutrients absorption. Therefore, we can mention the following benefits:
• It helps reducing the LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and the triglycerides.
• It helps increasing the HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol).
• It helps lowering blood pressure.
• It prevents cardiovascular disease.
• It has an anti-inflammatory effect.
• It helps aging control due to its antioxidants content.
• It prevents deterioration of cognitive abilities.

Product Lifetime

18 months under good storage conditions.

Storage Conditions

Storage in a dark, fresh and dry place, protected from sunlight and artificial light, at a temperature below 23 °C.

Primary Packaging

Ziploc plastic bag with capacity to contain 1,000 softgel capsules of 1000 mg. or 2,000 softgel capsules of 500 mg.

Secondary Packaging

Carton paper box of 22 cm. high, 43 cm. long, and 35 cm. wide; with capacity to hold 5 of the ziploc bags previously described.

Chia General Aspects

Chia General Aspects